Why Join?


  • By joining the Harvard Club of Turkey you will have the opportunity to attend intellectually stimulating events with top world recognized personalities. 
  • You will have opportunities for networking with local and world fellow alumni, which expand your level of contacts exponentially.
  • You are contributing to the permanence of the club as an entity in charge of organizing, and coordinating all the activities for alumni. 
  • You will be part of a community that values the University ideals of excellence in educations as well as public service. This service include helping prospective students both from college and graduate schools become better applicants.
  • You will have priority when events have a limited capacity.
  • Membership will provide you not only the pleasure of maintaining ties to Harvard and associating with fellow alumni/ae but you will also enjoy the member benefits.
Those individuals who meet one of the following four criteria are eligible to be a Club Member:

(i) have completed formal studies at Harvard University, obtaining the relevant degree;
(ii) have completed a semester at Harvard University or at Radcliffe College as students, researchers or teachers;
(iii) have received a certificate for completing an official program at Harvard University and have a valid harvard.edu e-mail address;
(iv) have received an honorary degree from Harvard University.

Provided such eligibility requirements are met, anyone who pays the applicable fees set out by the Board of Directors may be a member of the Club. The members will fully enjoy the rights provided for under the Bylaws of the Club and applicable law.
Annual dues are as follows: 
Membership - 1000 TL 
You are welcome to contribute any amount on top of the minimum membership fee. Upon payment of any membership or contribution, we will issue a receipt for you.
For more information about joining the Harvard Club of Turkey, please contact hcturkey@post.harvard.edu. See our officers page for additional contact details.
To join or renew your membership, please please use the printable form and send it via e-mail to hcturkey@post.harvard.edu.  You will be invoiced for the annual due amount.