History and Mission


The Harvard Club of Turkey was established in Istanbul in year 1992 by the initiative of Mr. İbrahim Bodur, who was one of the wellknown businessman in Turkey. Previous Presidents of the Clubs were Mr. Ali İhsan Poyraz, Mrs. Zeynep Bodur, Mr. Ertan Özdemir, Mr. Cüneyt Yüksel, Mr. Cengiz Koca, Mr. Hayri Aydın, Ms. Şeyma Yavuz and Mr. Recep Bildik.

Harvard Club of Turkey is a forum for Harvard alumni who live in Turkey. The members of the Club are interested in sharing and continuing their Harvard experience. They wish to promote the name and knowledge of Harvard in Turkey and support its recruiting efforts and other activities. The Club promotes the Harvard tradition of veritas, charity and good works. The Club aims to enrich the lives of its members through social and cultural events, meetings and discussions with creators and opinion makers from all walks of social, political and cultural life. The Club serves its members by facilitating mutual support of each other's professional and social endeavours.

The Club, which has absolute independence from any other organization or institution and is moved by purely charitable, altruistic reasons and general interest, aims:

a) To promote and organize all kind of cultural, educational, social and charitable acts to encourage the interest in the expansion of human knowledge in general and to contribute ultimately to the improvement of human coexistence, particularly in relation to the educational purposes pursued by Harvard University.

b) To promote the activities and projects of Harvard University, as well as trying to instill in the wider social sphere of influence the spirit of comradeship and fraternity that Harvard University advocates, promoting the pursuit of personal growth and contributing to the achievement of intellectual, economic and human aims that are Harvard University standard.

c) To provide economic, human or technical means, to the extent possible, to prospective students of Harvard University who, having he necessary intellectual skills, do not have the resources to access it.

d) To collect and raise funds for attaining the purposes above.

e) To promote closer relations among Harvard Turkey alumni with Harvard University.